At the behest of Shri R. Raju, Hony.Secretary, DTEA Schools, an event to showcase talents acquired by students and to review their academic performance was organised in our school on February 2nd. The students exhibited their language skills, in all the three languages viz. Tamil Hindi and English and came out with clear answers to all the questions put forth randomly by the parents and to their fullest satisfaction.The entire programme was organised and compered by the students themselves proving their skills and talents.
Our Hony. Secretary Shri R. Raju, in his address, while appreciating the students for their achievements in academic as well as extra-curricular activities and discipline,also reminded the parents to inculcate discipline, sincerity and the need to work hard for success. Our Hony. Secretary also expressed his gratitude to the Principal and the students in enabling the new bloomers to be at par the other students.
This function was graced by the benign presence of Shri Murugan, Joint Secretary, DTEA Lodhi Estate, Shri Yash Raj, PTA Secretary, DTEA and Shri Raghunandan, Smt. Vatsala and Smt Radhika Raja.
Our Principal Smt. Uma Ravi, while honouring the guests, conveyed her gratitude to our Hony. Secretary, for having extended his unstinted efforts; continued support; and guidance; to enhance the standard of our school.Our Principal also expressed her appreciation to the students for the hard work they have put in and wished the success.


A special assembly was organised on the eve of the Republic Day i.e January 25th in our school with pomp and patriotic fervour. Swetha and Jyothi of class XI gave speeches, in Tamil and English respectively, on the importance of Republic day. Bharti Parcha and Ria of class VIII ‘ C’ recited a patriotic poem in Hindi. The song by the tiny-tots of primary classes won the accolade of one and all. Shri Murugan our Hony. Joint Secretary graced the occasion with his benign presence. Smt. Uma Ravi, our Principal, in her speech, reminded us about the sacrifices and the freedom struggles by our great patriots and also spoke high of the participants for their unstinted efforts.
The same day a programme was also dedicated to celebrate the National Voters’ Day in our school. The National Voters’ Day (NVD) is celebrated all over the country on January 25 every year since 2011 to mark the Foundation day of Election Commission of India, which was established on 25th January 1950. The main purpose of the NVD celebration is to encourage, facilitate and maximize the enrolment, especially for the new voters.
A skit was performed by a group of students with a view to create awareness about the voting rights and to promote participation of people in the electoral process. A pledge to vote was taken by the teachers and students on this occasion.

Winter Holiday Home Work 2018-2019
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The REC (Rural Electrification Corporation Limited) got a magic show conducted on 2nd November 2018, in our school premises. Shri Karuna Shankar Mishra – a well-known magician and K. S. Goga conducted the show. This show, besides being an entertainment, had the main objective of spreading awareness about ethical values among students in a more innovative and interactive way. During the show the themes of ‘saving water’ and the importance of cleanliness (swachtha) in bringing in good health and hygiene and driving out diseases were highlighted. It was also instrumental inculcating moral values in the minds of young children so as to enable them to become socially and morally responsible citizens to fight against the menace of corruption.
The REC also conducted a logo designing competition on the topic ‘Integrity’. E. Pooja of X ‘B’; K. Sanjay Kumar of IX ‘D’; and J. Vaishnavi of IX ‘B’ of our school won cash prizes of Rs. 500/- each. Besides the Principal, Staff, teachers and students of the entire school, our Hony. Secretary Shri R. Raju and Shri Murugan Hony.Joint Secretary witnessed the show. Our Hony. Secretary Shri R. Raju gave away the prizes and encouraged the students.


“Every citizen of India must remember that he is an Indian and he has every right in this country but with certain duties”.
Shri Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel
The Rashtriya Ekta Diwas (National Unity Day) was observed on 31st October in our school to commemorate the birth anniversary of Shri Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, popularly known as the ‘Iron Man’ of India. This event was graced by our Joint Secretary Shri Murugan. Many events, on the concept of ‘National Integrity’ were conducted. A Nukkad Natak was performed depicting secularity and unity in diversity of India; followed by a speech in English by Gayathri of XII ‘B’ ; a group song by students of XI and XII; a poster-making competition for students of classes IX, XI and XII; and a fancy-dress competition by primary children showcasing traditional dresses of different states. Our Principal Smt. Uma Ravi, in her address, reiterated the need for us to reaffirm the inherent strength and resilience of our great nation.


A mock drill on the precaution and methods to safeguard oneself and others during an Earthquake was conducted on 25th October 2018. The students were also sensitised about the impacts of disasters during such a natural calamity. A Demonstration/Drill on various safeguard methods during evacuation such as ‘ducking’ (under a table to prevent being hurt from debris falling overhead); ‘cover’ (how to move fast in corridor with their head cover); ‘hold’ methods were performed by 11th class students. The Do’s and Don’ts during the natural disaster were imparted by Smt. Menka Singh, during the morning assembly.
Our Principal Smt. Uma Ravi, in her address, stressed the need for teachers, staff, and students to be prepared to handle such an emergency and dangerous situation and promote safety and security of everyone.


A Vermicompost project to convert kitchen waste and dried fallen leaves into manure was undertaken by WWF in our school. Shri Murti and Ms. Devika Mathur from WWF visited our school and taught students to set up a pit for vermicompost and got it done successfully on 28th September 2018 with the active participation of students from Classes VI, VII and VIII.
In this connection, subsequently, a lecture was delivered by Shri Murti , who explained in detail the role of red earth worms in the process of conversion of kitchen waste into manure, which could be used in farming and small scale sustainable organic farming. After the assembly all the students were taken to the pit site to have a firsthand knowledge on Vermicompost and the various types of earthworms known as the ‘friend of farmer'.Our Principal Smt. Uma Ravi expressed her happiness over the great response of students in this project.


BHEL is one of the largest engineering and manufacturing companies of its kind in India. Under ‘Swachhta hi Seva’ movement, BHEL conducted a drawing competition in our school on 27 September 2018. Primary children participated in the event and won many prizes. Our Principal Smt. Uma Ravi appreciated the students and encouraged them to participate in all the events.


A special assembly was organised in our school on 14th August, 2018, in the eve of Independence Day. The Independence Day was celebrated with zeal and passion. Our Principal Smt. Uma Ravi unfurled the tricolour national flag, which was followed by flag salute and a flag song. Our Principal delivered a speech on the importance of the independence we got and the freedom struggle by our great leaders. The tiny tots from primary section added a colour to the programme with their group songs and dances. Shalini and Divyalakshmi of class V; Iniya of class III; and Rubina of class XII; gave speeches in English. A dance performance by students of VII, XI and XII charged up the atmosphere with patriotic spirit. A skit in Hindi on national integration was staged. Our Vice - Principal Smt. Visalakshi, delivered the vote of thanks. The event was a grand success.


A class-wise Eco-visit to Lodhi Garden has been undertaken for different groups,from class I to class XII, on different days, between the period July to August 2018. This informative and fun-filled trip was organised by WWF, as it has been done every year, with a view to explain that the trees are essential for life on earth and understand the task of WWF in creating protected areas, which are key to preservation of some protected species;; to eliminate de-forestation; to preserve flora and fauna; to maintain the ecological balance; etc., The students participated in so many activities and gained innovative eco friendly ideas.


A farewell party was conducted on June 30, 2018, at DTEA Lodi Estate, for Shri Dhan Bahadur Thapa, who superannuated on this day, after having rendered a valuable 39 years of great service, looking after the security of the school, as a watch-man.
Our Hony. Secretary, Shri R. Raju, graced this occasion with his august presence. Our Principal Smt. Uma Ravi and Vice- Principal, Smt. Visalakshi Rajagopal, and other teachers spoke highly of the great service rendered by Shri Dhan Bahadur Thapa, over a span of 39 years .


At the behest of Shri R. Raju,our Hony. Secretary, a workshop on ‘Teaching English’for the primary teachers of all the seven DTEA schools, was conducted by the ‘Varsha’ project experts viz. Smt. Vatsala Subramanian and Smt.Radhika Rajan, on June 28, 2018, at DTEA, Lodi Estate.
The training sessions to impart the Pedagogy for teaching of English grammar and literature, in an effective way, were conducted by the English subject experts of ‘Varsha’ and ‘Meera’ projects Smt. Kamala Subramanian and Smt. Archana Gilani.
Our Principal Smt. Uma Ravi welcomed the participants of this session. Smt. Geeta Arunachalam, former Principal DTEA Lodi Estate delivered the vote of thanks.
Our Hony. Secretary, Shri R. Raju, observed that the sole aim of this workshop is to enhance manifold, the already acquired skills of teachers in teaching English language and literature, so that the students could reap the benefits and have a strong foundation.


The birth anniversary of Bharat Ratna Karmaveerar Kamarajar,the former Chief Minister of Tamilnadu,who was the first pioneer to introduce midday meal scheme in primary schools in Tamilnadu,was celebrated in our school,on July 13,2018 with pomp and show. Smt.Visalakshi,our Vice Principal delivered the inaugural speech on the deeds of Kamaraj. Prithiha of X ‘A’ gave a speech in English and Sandeep of class IX ‘B’ gave a speech in Tamil on the achievements of K. Kamaraj. The primary children read out the life history of this great leader Kamaraj.A group song by both the tiny tots and senior class students was sung with full synchronization and uniformity,as followed by a dance in honour of Perunthalaivar Kamarajar.Our senior teacher Smt. Lalitha Srinivasan delivered a speech on simple living and high thinking and the wisdom of the great scholar,whose contribution in the field of education and midday meal scheme has been ever remembered.As a part of Kamarajar’s birth anniversary celebrations, various competitions were held for the students of all the branches of DTEA in our school premises.On this occasion Shri R. Raju, our Hony. Secretary,DTEA,remarked that such competitions create awareness among students about this great leader and his noble deeds.


World Red Cross day was observed in our school with a view to create awareness and promote humanitarian principles and values; disaster response and management; disaster preparedness; and health and care in the society. A special assembly was conducted on May 8th 2018 and the students of VII and VIII class enacted a street play, demonstrating the methods to reduce and terminate the suffering situation among people and raise their dignity to the next level. Our primary children recited poems and read out handouts informing about the importance and thereby the need to celebrate Red Cross Day.
The same day the winners of Zonal level and District level competition during last academic year were felicitated. Our Principal Smt. Uma Ravi awarded medals and certificates to these winners.


A “Say-no-to-Plastic” campaign was held in our primary section, on May 6, 2018. With a view to protect our environment; our mother earth; and nature; and also to inculcate in young minds the concept of protecting nature,the primary children were informed about the toxic and harmful effects caused by plastic products and how this non-degradable matter pollutes and makes the soil lose its fertility.
Our Principal Smt. Uma Ravi, in her address in a special assembly, while recollecting that our school has always been encouraging the staff and students to refrain from using plastic objects, stressed the need to continue this constant endeavour by not using plastic bottles; plastic tiffin boxes and explained the adverse effects health hazards caused by using plastic products, especially the everyday use of plastic bags.


A get-together to bid farewell to Smt. Renu Singhal, PGT Hindi, who superannuated in the month of April, was organised on April 28, 2018 in our school. Besides teachers and staff of our school, a good number of teachers from various DTEA schools, representing their respective schools, joined hands in sending-off Smt.Renu Singhal,who has put in 25 years of glorious and fruitful service in DTEA School. Our Principal Smt. Uma Ravi; our Vice-Principal Smt. Visalakshi Rajagopal; Hony. PTA Secretary Shri Yash Raja; staff and students; and others graced this function with an emotional touch. Smt. Renu Singhal was overwhelmed by the amicable gestures and words of praise of our Principal,Vice-Principal,fellow teachers, DTEA management, staff and students.


The road safety week was observed in our school, from April 23-30, 2018, with a view to raise road safety awareness among students and to prevent casualties on road. The theme for this year is “Sadak Suraksha, Jeevan Raksha”. During this week, various activities were carried out, such as Drawing competition; Answering Questionnaire; Story-writing and Debates related to Road Safety. Ms. Pushpal Kaur and Mr. Singh from Delhi Traffic police gave a lecture on road safety and also imparted traffic rules to be followed while driving. Our Principal Smt. Uma Ravi, while distributing prizes to the winners of the competition, reiterated the need to abide by the traffic rules and expressed her happiness over the involvement of all teachers in these activities.


A pedagogy workshop for the primary teachers with a view to introduce new simple methods on imparting English language was held in our school on April 7 2018. In this workshop, primary teachers from DTEA Mandir Marg and Lodhi Estate took part. Smt. Kamala Subramaniam and Smt. Jyoti demonstrated various practical aspects and also suggested new tips for making the classroom teaching interesting. Our principal Smt. Uma Ravi welcomed the participants. The list of participants include: our former Principal Smt. Geeta Arunachalam and our alumni Smt. Radhika Rajan, Smt. Vatsala Sivasubramaiyam, Shri Chandrasekar, Shri P. K. Ganesh and Shri J. S. Ram. Our Hony. Secretary Shri R. Raju, expressed his happiness that such workshops, which would benefit the teacher and students, should be conducted on a regular basis.


Elavarasan of class XII of our school, who is the topper in Biology (in Class XI), was awarded a cash prize of Rs. 10,000/- (Rupees Ten Thousand) and a trophy on April 6, 2018 by Dr. Vikram Venkateshwaran, son of Smt. Prathima Venkateshwaran, an alumni of our school (1965 batch), in whose memory these prizes were instituted. This event was organised by Shri Raghunandan, brother of Smt. Prathima Venkateshwaran and also an alumni of our school.
Dr. Vikram Venkateshwaran, in his brief speech, mentioned that if Elavarasan would take up medicine as his career, he would extend all required help to him in pursuing this study. Evidently, this speech has aroused interest and enthusiasm in the students. Our Principal Smt. Uma Ravi, in her address, appreciated Elavarasan for the sincere efforts he has put in and also encouraged all the students to put in their best efforts, which would lead to gain name and fame. She also thanked the guests of honour for their kind gesture.


The students of class VI, VII and VIII of DTEA Lodhi Estate, along with teachers Ms. Vidhu Rani and Ms. B. Krithika, attended the ‘Eco-Fest’, held at WWF, Lodhi Estate, on April 18, 2018, from 0930 to1630 hours. This event Eco-Fest is a part of programme “Ek Prithvi” of WWF-India, one of the largest conservation organisations engaged in wildlife and nature conservation imparting on three R’s (Reuse, Reduce and Recycle).The students presented their works of the previous year 2017-18, on waste management and conservation issues as their exhibits in the event and also took part in group discussions.They also attended a theatre workshop. This event Eco-Fest is a part of programme “Ek Prithvi”.


At the instance of our Hony. Secretary Shri R. Raju, a workshop for primary teachers, on acquiring and formulating new pedagogy, was organised in our school on April 16, 2018. This workshop, in two sessions, was conducted with a view to intensify teaching in the primary classes and enable the primary students to have strong base and clear-cut understanding of basic concepts, which could pave way and lead to deeper and broader understanding of subjects and also enhance better coping up of their studies in their higher classes later on. The forenoon session - an introductory session putting forth challenges confronted by teachers in the classrooms, especially the difficulties faced in handling late-comers - was conducted by Shri Rangarajan, senior teacher and Smt. Pradeepa, TGT. Our Principal Smt. Uma Ravi expressed her happiness on such initiative which would be greatly beneficial to the students. The after-noon session focussed on remedial measures, techniques and suggestions; their implementations, for handling the late-bloomers issue and other class room , as well. Smt. Jayasahree, our senior teacher; Smt. Revathi, DTEA Janakpuri; Smt. Uma, DTEA Laxmibai Nagar; and Smt. Rajarajeshwari, DTEA Moti Bagh conducted this session.


The Tamil new year and the birth anniversary of Dr. Ambedkar were celebrated with zeal and enthusiasm in our school on 13th April 2018. A group song on Tamil New Year was sung by the students of VII and VIII.Anudhana of class X gave a speech on the importance of Tamil and Tamil New Year. Dr. Ambedkar was remembered vividly for his contribution to our nation, during the transition phase and testing time, when India was very much in need of a constitution, to declare itself as a Republic nation. Riya Saini of class VIII recited a poem on this legendary and scholar leader. A street play depicting the importance of the fundamental rights of citizens was staged. Diya of class XII gave a speech on the life and contribution of Dr. Ambedkar. A quiz was conducted by Saurav of class XII followed by prize distribution by our Principal Smt. Uma Ravi.


The installation of a 10 KW solar power plant and CCTVs was inaugurated in our school on March 9, 2018, by Ms.Geetali Tare,IA&AS,Financial Advisor,NDMC; along with Shri K.Jegadesan,IPS,Joint Commissioner (Training),Delhi Police; Shri V. K. Pandey,Chief Engineer (Electrical), NDMC. Smt. Raji Kamalasanan,Senior Principal of DTEA delivered the welcome speech. The list of participants / dignitaries,among others,include: Shri Sooriyanarayanan,Hony. President, DTEA; Shri Murugan Joint Secretary, DTEA Lodhi Estate; PTA Secretaries of other DTEA schools;members of DTEA; Principals Teachers and staff of DTEA schools.
Shri K. Jegadesan, IPS, in his speech, highlighted that the efforts of our Hony. Secretary Shri R.Raju and DTEA Management in providing all facilities and standard education to all students and that too with a nominal school fees are highly praiseworthy.
Shri V. K. Pandey, Chief Engineer (Electrical), NDMC, appreciated the vision of DTEA in taking up power saving initiatives like using LEDs and Solar power panels, thereby reducing electricity bills. Shri Raju,our Hony. DTEA Secretary, stated that the installation of solar power plant in DTEA, R. K. Puram, has resulted in the saving of an amount of Rs. 40,000/- per month and that likewise the installation of this 10 KW power plant in DTEA, Lodhi Estate, would yield a saving to the tune of Rs.45,000/- per month, which would be utilised for educational enhancement of the students.
Our Hony. Secretary mentioned that considering the safety, security issues and disciplinary aspects of the students, besides the already existing 32 CCTVs, a new set of 32 CCTV cameras have further been installed in our school.
Smt. Ranjan Gupta, Principal Incharge introduced the chief guests mentioning about their laurels and great services rendered by them to our country.Smt.Jayashree Prasad,our senior teacher, apprised the guests with a brief history of DTEA and the great achievements of the present DTEA management.Smt. Visalakshi, our Vice Principal, delivered the vote of thanks.


In a special assembly conducted in our school on February 28, 2018, Madhupriya, of X ‘B’ was conferred a title “The Best Student of the Year 2017-18” and was awarded a Shield and two certificates of appreciation and a gift voucher worth Rs.1000/- as well by the Times of India (TOI). Vaideswari of IX ‘B’ and S. Prashant of VIII ‘A’- won a ‘Tablet’ each and S.Deva of VI ‘A’ won a bag for having successfully emerged as toppers among 600 students from different categories, who took part in the National Aptitude Test conducted by ‘TOI’ on 31st August 2017.Our Principal Incharge Smt.Ranjan Gupta appreciated the teachers and students for their efforts and dedication.

National Deworming Day

The National Deworming Day is an initiative of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India, to make every child in the country worm free and be healthy. A special assembly was held in our school to observe the National Deworming Day on February 8, 2018. Rubina of class XI ‘A’ gave a speech in English on various health issues of children due to contamination and infections by worms and therefore the need to deworm children.Our Principal incharge, Smt. Ranjan Gupta in her speech highlighted the importance of deworming and cleanliness.The same day deworming tablets were administered to the students in the presence of teachers.


A special assembly was organised on the eve of 69th Republic day (January 25th 2018) in our school with great passion and patriotism. Our Joint Secretary, Shri Murugan presided over the function.Saurav of class XI ‘B’ gave a speech in English and Ria of class VII ‘A’ gave a speech in Hindi.Swati of class VI ‘A’ and Santosh of class VI ‘C’ recited poems in Tamil and students of class XI sang a patriotic song.The fancy dress show by primary children depicting some freedom fighter legends and a dance by students of VII and VIII class added colours to the programme.
At the behest of Shri R. Raju, our Hony.Secretary, DTEA and with the support of REC (Rural Electrification Corporation), an Anti-corruption committee, comprising of a group of DTEA students,was created with a sole view of creating awareness among students to be honest and to eradicate corruption. At the inaugural function, our Hony. Secretary reiterated the need to follow the path of honesty and to form a corrupt free society.The Hony Secretary distributed school bags and caps to students of VI, VII and VIII classes. Our teacher Smt. Priya Garg gave a speech on eradication of corruption.Our Principal-Incharge Smt.Ranjan Gupta, teachers and students took oath to eradicate corruption and to form a corrupt-free society.


The National Girl Child Day was celebrated on January 24, 2018 in our school. A special assembly was organised in this regard. Gayathri of XI ‘C’ gave a speech in English reiterating the need to educate girl child with a view to uplift them and to free them from the entanglement of inequalities in our society. The students of VI and VII classes performed a ‘Nukad Natak’ titled “Beti Bachao” in an interesting and worth applauding manner.Bharti Parcha of VII ‘B’ recited a Hindi poem on girl child. Our Principal Incharge ,Smt. Ranjan Gupta in her speech highlighted the elevation of girl children to promote equality of rights and privileges to them in our country.


The birth anniversary of Subash Chandra Bose was observed in our school on January 23, 2018 with great energy and enthusiasm. K. Karthik of VII ‘A’ gave a speech in Hindi about the dedication and arduous participation of Bose in India’s freedom struggle.Smt.Ranjan Gupta,Principal Incharge ,in her address stressed the need to know about great leaders like Subash Chandra Bose.


A road safety awareness workshop was conducted on December 21, 2017, in our school with the collaboration of IHIF (Indian Head Injury Foundation ) an NGO. A small gathering of parents was addressed by the NGO members explaining the importance of wearing helmets. A video was shown highlighting the prevention of accidents by obeying traffic rules, practising patience, following lane driving and wearing helmets without fail. On this occasion, our Hony. Secretary Shri R. Raju distributed helmets specially designed for children to the parents.The parents and students of DTEA were overwhelmed by this kind gesture of DTEA management.


A showcase of our students’ skills and brilliance !!
Prince Kumar Gupta and Pankaj Kumar Gupta of class XII of our school had participated in ‘Science and Mathematics Model Exhibition Competition 2017-18’ titled ‘Digital and Technological Solutions for Sustainable Human Development’. With ‘conservation of energy’ as the basic concept, this model is regarding electricity generated due to pressure, which can be used for many applications like mobile chargers, traffic signals etc. Many Public schools and Government schools participated in this competition. Out of 30 models exhibited in the first zonal level round, held at Sarvodaya Vidyalaya (Rajendra Prasad school) Presidents’ Estate, on 2.9.2017, the model of our school got the second position. Subsequently in the next Central level competition, with the participation of 50 schools, was held at GBSS school, Rajouri Garden on 8.11.2017, our school was one among the top five and became eligible to go a step ahead and participate in the state level. The participants became eligible for National level on 14.12.2017, which was held at Science Centre office premises playground, Vasant Vihar. A special assembly in this regard was organised in our school. The participants demonstrated their model. Our Principal in-charge, Smt. Ranjan Gupta, appreciated the participants and the guide-teacher Smt. Sudha Kumar, PGT (Physics) for their unstinted sincere efforts which brought laurels to the school. Our Hony. Secretary, Shri R.Raju , our Principal in-charge, Smt. Ranjan Gupta, our Vice-Principal Smt. Visalakshi, teachers and staff members of our school praised the two participants for their achievements.


A three-day Mobile Science Exhibition titled “Renewable Sources of Energy” was organised by the National Science Centre during December 4-6, 2017 in our school premises. This exhibition, brought on wheels to our school due to the unstinted efforts of our DTEA Management, depicted the various natural sources of renewable energies. The students gained profound knowledge and insights on the renewable energies such as solar energy, wind energy, hydropower, geothermal energy, and biomass energy. Shri R. Raju Hony. Secretary, DTEA; Smt. Ranjan Gupta, Principal-in-charge; and all the teachers witnessed this exhibition.


The Inter-school football match among the seven DTEA schools was conducted in our school on 25.11.2017. DTEA, Laxmi Bai Nagar,bagged the first position as ‘Winner’ and DTEA, Moti Bagh,won the second position as ‘Runner’. Prominent among those present were our Hony. Secretary, Shri Raju, Shri Illayaperumal, Sports Jt. Secretary, Shri.Murugan, Joint Secretary, DTEA, Lodi Estate, Shri Paramashivam , Coordinator, Smt. Raji Kamalasanan Principal, DTEA Janakpuri, Smt. Chitra Vasagam, Principal, DTEA R.K. Puram , Shri Harikrishnan, Principal, DTEA Moti Bagh, Smt. Gayatri, Principal, DTEA Mandir Marg, Smt. Meena Sahani, Principal, DTEA Laxmi Bai Nagar, Smt. Ranjan Gupta, Principal In-charge, DTEA, Lodi Estate, Smt. Chitra Radhakrishnan, Principal, DTEA, Pusa Road. The Physical Education Teachers from all DTEA schools encouraged the students.The prizes won in the event will be distributed during the Sports Meet scheduled to be held on November 28, 2017 in DTEA, Mandir Marg.


The State Council of Educational Research and Training conducted the ‘ National Achievement Survey 2017 ‘ on 13th November 2017 in our school with the aim of understanding the health of education system in government schools and government aided schools. Our school is one among the sampled schools chosen for the National Achievement Survey and in this regard the National Achievement Test was conducted by them for the classes III, V, and VIII with complete external invigilators.The teacher questionaires were filled in by the concerned subject teachers and the school questionnaire by the Head of the school.


The Annual Day celebration was celebrated in our school premises on 1st November 2017, with great zeal and fervour. An alumni of our school Ms. Vathsala presided over the function and inaugurated and activated the Digital Board, which had been already installed in the activity room. Smt. G. Vijayalakshmi, a former Principal of our school, was the Chief Guest of the day. Besides the Honorary DTEA Secretary Shri R. Raju, and Shri Ravi Kumar Nayakkar, DTEA Joint Secretary; Shri Murugan, Joint Secretary, DTEA Lodhi Estate, were present Shri. Subramanian PTA President of DTEA Lodhi Estate Shri Yash Raja PTA Secretary, Lodhi Estate, Joint Secretaries of other DTEA schools, Members of DTEA Committee; Smt. Uma Ravi, Principal of our school. The welcome address was delivered by our senior teacher Smt. Jayashree. Smt. Ranjan Gupta, Principal In charge of our school, read out the Annual Report. Prizes were distributed by all the dignitaries to the students, who excelled in studies during the academic year 2016-17. A Power point presentation on the great achievements of DTEA was screened. Cultural programmes such as dance and drama depicting the theme “Navaras”, with a view to show case the nine moods distinctively were performed by great many students. The participating students exhibited their best talents and unparallel dedication. The highlight of the programme was the use of Digital Display for the programmes and events. Cultural dances, Tamil skit, action-songs, and a short comic play - all these - added colour and flavour and made the entire programme lively and thrilling.Smt. Visalakshi, Vice Principal, delivered the Vote of Thanks.The programme was indeed a great success and it concluded with our national anthem.


The birthday of Sardar Vallabai Patel, who is responsible for integrating more than 570 princely states of India into one, has been observed as National Integration Day. In our school the National Integration Day was observed on October 31, 2017 with pomp and show. The students took National Integration pledge in the morning assembly. The students of XI class performed a skit on the theme ‘ Unity is strength‘ with the view to reiterate that there should not be any religious differences.A group song was sung by XI A students on National Integration.Swetha of IX ‘B’ gave a speech in English on the importance of unity.Our Principal Incharge Smt. Ranjan Gupta, in her speech, explained the efforts put in by Sardar Vallabai Patel and the benefit we could reap from such efforts.Our Principal stressed the need to safe guard the National Integration.


A two-day Alumni Meet of the 1967 batch was organised in our school on 28th and 29th of October 2017. The reunion of this batch is so special as the alumni gathered, after their completion of 50 years of schooling. The Alumni members comprised of about 100 members, who have emanated from various parts of India and also some corners of the world. Smt. Visalakshi, our Vice-Principal, welcomed the alumni and expressed her joy to meet them. The programme commenced with songs along with the percussion of guitar by the XI and XII class students of our school. Some of the alumni shared their nostalgic memories about the school in the morning assembly. Certainly it was a lovely opportunity for them to review some old friendships and to reminisce about their past times in the alma mater. Our senior teacher, Smt. Jayashree Prasad, being an alumni of our school, was overwhelmed and expressed her wishes and gratitude to the participating alumni members. The Alumni were too happy to meet their teachers and to honour them. The Alumni had lunch together and later visited the class rooms in the alma mater and recollected their past nostalgic memories.

“ Talent wins games, but Teamwork wins championship”

“A Teacher presents the past , reveals the present and creates the future.”
The Teacher’s Day has been observed every year as a mark of tribute to the contribution made by the teachers to the society.It is celebrated on 5th September, the birth anniversary of our former Indian President Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan - a staunch believer of education, scholar, diplomat, and above all a great teacher.
The Teacher’s Day was celebrated in our school on 5th September 2017 in a grand manner. A special assembly was organised to honour all the teachers. A speech in Hindi was given by Sayed Kainad of Class XII ‘D’ about Teacher’s Day and a speech in Tamil was given by Swetha of class X ‘C’ on Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan. The outgoing students honoured all the teachers with bouquets and also with titles. They also performed the role of student-teacher on that day. They handled various classes and taught different subjects with zeal and enthusiasm. Their performance was observed by a team and those students adjudged as the best were awarded prizes the same day. Our Joint Secretary, Shri Murugan, who presided over the function, conveyed his wishes to the teachers. Our Principal Smt. Ranjan Gupta expressed her heartfelt wishes to all the teachers. Our Hony. Secretary Shri R.Raju, in his message, has conveyed his appreciation and best wishes to all the teachers.

“ Talent wins games, but Teamwork wins championship”

The National Sports Day, is observed every year on 29th August , to commemorate the anniversary of Major Dhyan Chand, the Indian Hockey wizard, who won gold medals in three matches in the years 1928,1932 and 1936 respectively. Major Dhyan Chand was awarded Padma Bhushan award in 1956 for his splendid contribution in Indian hockey.
The National Sports Day was observed in our school on 29th August with zeal and enthusiasm.Archana of class XI ‘ B’ gave a speech in English on the importance of sports and games in our life and Harini of IX ‘B’ gave a speech in Hindi about Major Dyan Chand and his achievements. A quiz competition on sports was conducted by Sourav of Class XI ‘B’ in which students participated with great enthusiasm and also won prizes. Our Principal Smt. Ranjan Gupta, in her speech, highlighted the need to play games, which help the students to develop multiple qualities like sense of togetherness, leadership skills, stamina, physical strength, planning and strategy, patience and teamwork.


A special assembly was organised in our school on 14th August, 2017, in the eve of Independence day with great patriotic fervour. The chief guests of the day were Shri. Mani, the Hony. Treasurer, DTEA, Shri. Murugan, our Joint Secretary and members of DTEA.. Smt.Visalakshi, our Vice- Principal delivered the welcome speech. The function began with the unfurling of the National flag by Shri. Mani, our Hony. Treasurer followed by the flag song by our students, which charged up the atmosphere with patriotic spirit. Preethiha of IX ‘B’ gave a speech in English and Lakshmanan of VII ‘C’ gave a speech in Tamil on the value of independence and freedom struggle. The tiny tots from primary section added a colour to the programme with their poems and dances followed by other cultural programmes by our students. Smt. Rashmi Tokas, English Teacher, delivered the vote of thanks.The programme was a grand success.


The English Debate Competitions for zone 26 were hosted by our school separately for girls and boys on 8th and 9th of August 2017 respectively. The topic for Juniors (both boys and girls) was “ Is Homework a wastage of Time?” and the topic for seniors (both boys and girls) was “Is Childhood being packed away under the weight of children’s bag pack?”. The events on both the days went on well with lots of enthusiasm and excitement. All the participants exhibited their oratory skills and came out with their mind-blowing ideas and concepts on the given interesting topics . H. Bharat of class VIII ‘B’ and K. Karthik of class VII ‘A’ stood 2nd in junior boys debate competition. In an English essay-writing competition held on 26.7.2017 in Kerala Education Society, Anbarasan of class XII ‘A’ won the first position. In English Declamation for senior boys held on 2.8.2017, Prince of XII ‘B’ won the 3rd position. In junior Hindi poem recitation contest on the topic “moth ajnabhi pari ki “, Bharti Parcha of class VII ‘B’ got the 3rd position and K. Isha of XI ‘A’ won the 3rd position in an extempore Hindi oratory contest. In a collage making contest held on 25.7. 2017 in Raisena Bengali School, Mandir Marg, the group comprising of S. Prithiha of class IX ‘B’ and N. Priya of class IX ‘B’ won the 2nd position. In a contest “Best out of Waste”, held on 28.7.2017, in Air Force School, the senior boys group - A. Vinod Kumar and N. Venkatesh of XI ‘D’ Arts won the 2nd position. Our Vice Principal Smt. Visalakshi appreciated the teachers’ contributions and the sincere efforts of students in bringing success in the zonal level competitions.


Roshini -an NGO - has been granting cash prize annually to girl students who secure top position academics with a view to encourage educating women.
The NGO ‘Roshini’ has announced a cash prize of Rs.10,000 to P.Suganthi of our school,for having secured the first position in class XI (Commerce ).Our Senior Teacher, Smt. Jayashree Prasad appreciated and spoke briefly on her great achievement in academics. Our Vice-Principal Smt. Vishalakshi expressed her joy over P.Suganthi’s performance in studies and handed over the award in the assembly with the applause of students and teachers.


The 114th birth anniversary of Kamaraj, former Chief Minister of Tamilnadu and King maker in politics, was celebrated in our school on July 15, 2017 with pomp and enthusiasm. The teachers and students revered him with showers of flowers on his photo image and planted saplings.
Our Teachers Smt.Piraivanmathi and Smt.Pradeepa spoke about the life history of Kamaraj and his achievements.The tinytots from primary sections sang a song in praise of this great leader.Swetha of Class X ‘C’ gave a speech in Tamil and Archana of Class IX ‘B’ gave a speech in English about the great leader and on the leader’s initiative of Nutritious Noon Meal Scheme. Bharat and Karthika of VIII ‘B’ recited a poem about Kamaraj.
The celebration took place in the presence of the guests of honour Shri Jayakumar, Delhi Pradesh BJP Coordinator; Shri Penneswaran, Vice President, Delhi Tamil Sangam; Shri Mani, Treasurer DTEA; Shri Murugan Joint Secretary, DTEA Lodi Estate; Smt.Vishalakshi, our Vice Principal;Shri Yashraj,our PTA Secretary,Shri Kannan, PTA Secretary, DTEA R.K Puram; Shri William Raj, Member, DTEA Management Committee.
Our Vice Principal Smt. Vishalakshi, in her speech, while highlighting the simplicity and selfless qualities of Kamaraj, reiterated the need for students to imbibe such noble qualities.

Holiday Home Work 2017-2018
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Men are mortal. So are ideas. An idea needs propagation as much as a plant needs watering.
Otherwise both will wither and die.
Dr. B. R. Ambedkar

Ambedkar Jayanthi was observed in our school on April 13, 2017, to commemorate the birth anniversary (April 14) of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar, the father of our constitution and the one who fought for the welfare of the oppressed in our country. Ranjani of XII ‘D’ gave a speech on Dr. Ambedkar’s great contribution in making our country a sovereign democratic and more especially a republic country. Students held posters depicting some of the articles of our constitution and photos of this great personality. Our Principal, Smt. Uma Ravi, in her address, highlighted the contribution of Dr Ambedkar in making India incarnate into a Republic nation. Our principal stressed the need for all students to read and understand our constitution and abide by its rules.


A one–day workshop stress management in two sessions,for teachers and staff of our school,was conducted on March 15, 2017, by Mrs. Prema Iyer- an alumni of DTEA Lodhi Estate, who passed out of school in 1957-and presently a Counsellor for teachers and students on various aspects such as stress management,attitude development and life and learning skills.
In the workshop were present the Hony. President Shri. Sooriyanarayanan,Hony. Secretary Shri R. Raju the Principal Smt. Uma Ravi, teachers and staff of DTEA Lodhi Estate.
The Counsellor Mrs. Prema Iyer, commenced her speech with slide-presentation on the lives of great martyrs of India and their selfless deeds and patriotism. Stressing that Yoga should be way of life to overcome stress and to keep oneself fit, the Counsellor highlighted the need to love oneself and to love others and to live with gratitude and has shown ways to discover and rediscover one’s inner strength and capability and to accept challenges without fear for committing mistakes, which are otherwise stepping stones for learning. With the “Forgive and Forget” attitude, the staff and students suggested to follow the three great D’s : Determination, Dedication, Discipline. The Counsellor reiterated that more than IQ level,it is the “I can” attitude that would lead everyone to success and glory.
The second session was Q&A session and the Counsellor, with her vast experience and ripe knowledge, gave apt responses for all the questions put forth by the teachers and staff of our school. The workshop was productive and useful.


The National Science Day is celebrated every year to spread a message widely about the importance of Science in our daily life and to mark the discovery of the Indian Physicist Sir Chandrashekara Venkataraman’s “Raman effect”.
The National Science Day is observed in our school on February 28, 2017, in a grand manner. Sunil Kumar of Class XI ‘A’ gave a speech in Tamil and Monica of Class VIII ‘B’ gave a speech in English. Swetha of Class IX ‘B’ quoted the golden words of Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. The students took an oath to follow the methods and ideas of Dr. Kalam to progress in life. They exhibited science projects and models and also explained the advantages and disadvantages of science. The primary students exhibited their science models. Our Vice-Principal Smt. Vishalakshi, in her speech, highlighted the importance of science and technology in our day-to-day life and the need for students to equip themselves with great knowledge of science.

“Language is power, life and instrument of culture, the instrument of liberation”

The World Mother Language Day was observed in our school on 21st February 2017. Sangeetha of class XI ‘D’ gave a speech in English on the importance of mother tongue. A group of students,each representing a foreign language such as French, German, Japanese, Nepali and also some Indian languages such as Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Hindi, spoke in that language chosen by them with a view to make the audience hear and feel the diversity of languages and the different manners of articulation of various languages.Our Principal Smt. Uma Ravi, in her speech, expressed her joy and pride over the attempts of students in articulating foreign and Indian languages on stage and highlighted the importance of mother tongue stressing that everyone should know to speak in their respective mother tongue.


Dr. Vu. Ve. Swaminatha Iyer was a Tamil scholar and researcher, who was instrumental in bringing many long forgotten classical Tamil Literature to light.
The Birth Anniversary of Tamil Thatha Vu. Ve. Swaminatha Iyer was observed in our school on February 18, 2017. Sangeetha of Class XI ‘D’ gave a speech in Tamil on the contributions of Dr. Vu. Ve. Swaminatha Iyer to the field of Tamil Literature. Our Vice-Prinicipal Smt. Vishalakshi, advised the students to revive their knowledge of Tamil by reading stories, novels in Tamil and also Tamil newspapers regularly.


The Annual Day was celebrated in our school with much zeal and enthusiasm on February 10, 2017. Hony. DTEA President, Shri Sooriyanarayan, and Hony. DTEA Secretary Shri R. Raju presided over the function. Besides the chief guest Shri Jayakumar, Convener, BJP Delhi Pradesh South Indian Cell, were present Shri R. Mani, DTEA Vice-President; Shri K. Mani, Treasurer;Our Jt. Secy. Shri R. Murugan, DTEA Governing Body Members and Shri Yash Raja, PTA president.
The welcome address was delivered by our senior teacher Smt. Jayashree. Our Principal Smt. Uma Ravi, read out the Annual Report of our school. The students, who excelled in studies during the previous academic years (from 2013-2016) were awarded prizes by all the dignitaries.
The cultural programme for this year’s Annual Day celebrations was titled “Impressions”. Dances of different styles pertaining to various Indian states were performed to highlight the ‘Unity in Diversity’ concept of India. These dance programmes with vivid costumes and songs typical of the concerned state reflected the socio-economic religious and customs of the people of various Indian states. Jovial skits and drama in English, Hindi and Tamil were performed with dedication and at ease by students inducing laughter and making the audience visualize our country as a land of rich culture and heritage. The highlight of the programme was the use of Digital Display relevant to the programmes and events. All the guests, parents and students enjoyed all the programmes with non-stop applause and appreciation. The Annual Day celebration concluded with the National Anthem.

“ World will prosper in knowledge and intellect , if both men and women are deemed equal “
Subramanya Bharathi

International Women’s day was observed on March 8, 2017, in our school to commemorate the movement of women’s right. Madhupriya of class IX ‘A’ gave a speech in English on women empowerment; Swetha of IX ‘B’ gave a speech in Tamil about great women and their achievements; Lakshmi of class VIII ‘ B’ gave a speech in Hindi about education and empowerment of women throughout the world. Students held banners and posters.


An educational camp was organized by WWF-India to render support for National Nature Camping Programme (NNCP) 2016-17, Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climatic Change (MOEFCC), Government of India, from January 27 – 28, 2017, at Aravalli Biodiversity Park, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi. The students from Class 6th to 8th (25 students) along with two teachers Ms. Krithika Narayanan and Ms. Vidu Rani gave their support for the Camping programme.It was a wonderful experience and highly informative for both students and teachers, creating more awareness about Nature and the need to conserve Nature for our future generation.This programme was a great success.


The 68th Republic day celebration was observed in our school with much vigour and enthusiasm. The celebration commenced with the prayer song by teachers Smt.Vedhavalli and Smt.Gita Sridhar.Our Hony.Joint Secretary, Shri Murugan, hoisted the national flag. This was followed by a speech in Tamil by Swetha of Class IX ‘B’;a speech in English by Madhupriya of Class IX ‘A’; a patriotic song by Scindia David of class XII ‘C’ with the percussion of Guitar by Vikram of XI ‘D’; and a song by primary students. The teachers and students took an oath to abide by our constitution and to serve the nation. Our Principal Smt. Uma Ravi, in her address, suggested the need to think more of one’s duties than one’s rights and to live in unity and peace. The programme concluded with the national anthem.


A special assembly was organized in our school on January 16,2017,to pay tribute to the great Tamil saint and poet Thiruvalluvar. Many contests in Tamil such as Thirukkural recitation, drawing, poster making were conducted. Rubina of Class X ‘C’ recited a poem and Sashi of XI ‘A’ gave a speech in Tamil on this great saint.
Our Hony. Joint Secretary Shri. Murugan and DTEA members,our Principal Smt.Uma Ravi, paid floral tribute to the picture of this well-known saint Thiruvalluvar.They garlanded and recalled the immortal contributions of the poet to the world.Speaking on the occasion,our Principal Smt.Uma Ravi mentioned that magnum opus of Thiruvalluvar is an eternally relevant literary creation of the great saint.


During the inaugural ceremony of the celebrations to mark the 125th birth anniversary of Srinivasa Ramanujan, the year 2012 was announced, by the Indian government, as the National Mathematics Year. The birthday of this Indian mathematical genius i.e. 'December 22' was declared as the National Mathematics Day with a view to remember the extraordinary contributions to mathematical analysis, number theory, infinite series, continued fractions.
The National Mathematics Day was celebrated in our school on December 22, 2016 with display of charts and performance of skits depicting Ramanujan’s mathematical concept of the value of zero etc., Kanisha of IX A gave a speech in hindi and Madhupriya of IX ‘A’ gave a speech in English about Ramanujan and his contributions.
Our Principal Smt. Uma Ravi, in her speech, highlighted the importance of learning mathematics, and simple calculating techniques by people of all walks of life in their everyday life.


During the inaugural ceremony of the celebrations to mark the 125th birth anniversary of Srinivasa Ramanujan, the year 2012 was announced, by the Indian government, as the National Mathematics Year. The birthday of this Indian mathematical genius i.e. 'December 22' was declared as the National Mathematics Day with a view to remember the extraordinary contributions to mathematical analysis, number theory, infinite series, continued fractions.
The National Mathematics Day was celebrated in our school on December 22, 2016 with display of charts and performance of skits depicting Ramanujan’s mathematical concept of the value of zero etc., Kanisha of IX A gave a speech in hindi and Madhupriya of IX ‘A’ gave a speech in English about Ramanujan and his contributions.
Our Principal Smt. Uma Ravi, in her speech, highlighted the importance of learning mathematics, and simple calculating techniques by people of all walks of life in their everyday life.

“Aim high and hitch your wagon to the stars”
One more step towards national level contest.

Two students of our school, G. Deepak and Chryso participated in the National Exhibition Contests held in 2015. These students, under the guidance of our senior teacher Smt. Girija Mahadevan, had created and exhibited a model on the topic “How to avoid suicide?” and bagged the gold medal. Having emerged successfully in both the District level and State level contests, held in November 3-5, 2015 and December 21-23,2015 respectively, these students have been now selected to participate in the upcoming “43rd Jawaharlal Nehru National Science Exhibition” to be held in Bengaluru, between December 13 and 17, 2016.
While handing over the authorization letter received from the Directorate of Education to these students to participate in the national level science contest,our Hony. President Shri Sooriya Narayanan and Hony. Secretary Shri R. Raju remarked that it was a great pride and honour to know that DTEA Lodhi Estate is one among the five schools from Delhi, which are selected to take part in the national level contest.
Our Hony. President, Shri Sooriya Narayanan; Hony. Secretary, Shri R. Raju; Principal i/c Smt. Uma Ravi; and senior teacher Smt. Girija Mahadevan; teachers and staff members of our school praised the two participants for their achievements and wished them success in the upcoming event.


A workshop was organized for primary teachers, at DTEA Lodhi Estate,on November 8, 2016. Following the successful implementation of the Pilot project in the primary sections of DTEA Lodhi Estate, this new pedagogy for imparting Tamil and English alphabets and phonetics were introduced by the teachers and trainers of our school to the teachers working in other DTEA schools.
All the teachers participated in this workshop with great zeal and enthusiasm and have expressed their desire to implement this new methodology in their respective schools.The coordinators Smt. Jayashree Prasad, senior teacher and Shri Rangarajan, senior teacher, were the main pillars of this workshop.


The Children’s Day was celebrated in our school on November 11, 2016 with splendor and zeal. Shri N. S. Ravi,a writer and alumni of DTEA, was the Chief Guest.A special assembly was organized followed by dances; cultural programmes; and the prize distribution for the events held earlier. Shri Murugan, our Hony. Joint Secretary, presided over the function. Our former Principal Smt. Geetha Arunachalam, in her brief address, appreciated the neat and clean environment maintained in the school premises. Our Principal i/c Smt. Uma Ravi expressed her happiness over the efforts of students and teachers for making this programme a grand success.


A seminar titled “ Introducing Social learning platform in schools “ was conducted at DTEA, Lodhi Estate, on November 12, 2016, coordinated by Smt. Indubala. A group of three participants from each of the seven DTEA schools attended the seminar. Each group comprised of one PGT, one TGT and one Asst. teacher. Our Hony. Secretary, DTEA Schools, Shri. Raju expressed his desire that all the DTEA school teachers should be kept updated in the field of education and to introduce technology to students so that learning becomes more meaningful and ongoing process beyond classrooms.


Communal Harmony week was celebrated in our school from November 25,2016. During this week the Women’s Day was celebrated on November 24,2016.Speeches on importance of women and their role in nation building were delivered by students in Tamil, Hindi and English.The Flag Day was celebrated on November 25, 2016. Neelam of class X A gave a speech in English on the evolution of the Indian flag . Swetha of IX B gave a speech in Tamil about paying respect to our national flag. The primary teachers made a small gathering of children in the garden and explained to them about the environment and its importance and the need to protect it.


Following the decision of the Government, in 2015, to mark the 125th Anniversary of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar, the ‘Constitution Day’ has been observed on November 26, the day our Constitution was adopted.
The Constitution day was celebrated on November 26, 2016 and a special assembly was organized in our school. Students held posters, placards and banners. Swetha of class IX ‘B’ gave a speech in Tamil and Archana of X ‘A’ delivered a speech in Hindi. This was followed by reading out of Articles of our constitution by a group of students.All the students took oath to abide by our constitution. Our Principal Smt.Uma Ravi, in her speech, highlighted the importance and utmost need for every individual to know and understand the various Articles of our constitution. The teachers, in their respective classes,explained to students about the constitution in detail.

“Stand up for someone’s rights today”

The Human Rights Day has been observed on December 10th to commemorate the adoption of the ’Universal Declaration of Human Rights’ in the United Nations General Assembly.
The Human Rights Day was celebrated in our school on December 10,2016 with much zeal and fervor. Swetha of XI ‘A’ gave a speech in English on human rights issues, eradication of poverty etc.,Rithika Batra of X ‘A’ sang a song on the human rights. Our Principal Smt. Uma Ravi, in her speech, stressed the need to develop an attitude to treat every individual equally and to have mutual respects for one another and to live in peace and harmony.


It is indeed a great pleasure that Gayathri of X ‘A’ DTEA Lodhi Estate got selected to make a visit to Japan for an invitation programme conducted by the Eco-Club in the NCT of Delhi with the collaboration of Japan Science and Technology Agency as part of the “Japan-Asia Youth Exchange Program in Science” (SAKURA Exchange Program in Science). This Sakura Science Plan invites talented youth from Asia having keen environment awareness. Gayathri of our school is one among the ten students from NCT Delhi, who are invited for a short-stay in Japan from December 14 to 21, 2016. Gayathri will be visiting environment related facilities in Fukuoka Prefecture in Japan and participate in lectures on environment preservation technologies. Our Hony. DTEA President Shri Sooriya Narayanan; our Hony. DTEA Secretary Shri Raju,our Principal Mrs.Uma Ravi,teachers and staff of DTEA, Lodhi Estate felicitated Gayathri for her success.


The Vigilance Awareness Week was observed in our school from October 31 to November 5, 2016 and various competitions were held during this period. Students took part in contests such as poster-making,and slogan-writing and elocution on the topic “Public participation in promoting integrity and eradicating corruption”. An essay competition, sponsored by BHEL, was conducted on November 3, on the topic “Public contribution in eradicating corruption”.Our Hony. President Shri Suryanarayanan presided over the function. Cash prizes and participation certificates were distributed by Shri Narendra Kumar, AGM (HR); and Shri Amit Jain, Sr. DGM (Vigilance), BHEL, to the winners and participants. The sponsors also provided refreshments to all the participants.
Ms. Jayashree Prasad, Principal I/C ,in her speech, while appreciating the participants, expressed her desire to have more participants in future. She also highlighted the need for students to be vigilant with a view to eradicate corruption. The event was a great success


Diwali – the festival of Lights – was celebrated in our school on October 27,2016 with great enthusiasm and festive mood. All the students took part in various events and competitions, such as Diya decoration, poster-making, art-from-waste, rangoli competition etc.,All the class rooms were decorated beautifully by the students. Our Principal,Ms. Uma Ravi, in the morning assembly speech, highlighted the air and noise pollutions caused by the fire-crackers and expressed her desire to have a pollution free Diwali. The students vowed to celebrate Diwali without fire-crackers.


For the first time in the history of DTEA Schools,due to the great efforts put in by the Hony.President DTEA Schools, Shri Suryanarayanan ;and Hony. Secretary DTEA Schools, Shri Raju, four of our students who passed out last year (2015-16),were given the opportunity to undergo a two-year diploma course in the Indian Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC).This course is free of cost for these students,who would also benefit a stipend of Rs. 2000/- per month.The ITDC authorities have given job assurance to these students after the successful completion of their course.
In this regard, the Hony.Secretary Shri Raju,assured that he would continue to take all possible measures for the welfare and betterment of the students studying in all the DTEA schools.The role of Ms. Jayashree Prasad, Senior Teacher,DTEA Lodhi Estate,for this success is worth mentioning.

“To succeed in your mission, you must have single-minded devotion to your goal”
-APJ Abdul Kalam

The birth anniversary of Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, the former Indian President,was celebrated on October 15,2016 in our school.Swetha of Class XI ‘A’ gave a speech about the noble qualities of Dr. Kalam.Our Principal Ms.Uma Ravi, in her speech, stressed that the students should imbibe the great qualities of Dr.Kalam,such as simplicity, endurance,the quest for knowledge and to draw inspiration from the motivational speeches of Dr. Kalam.


The Global Hand-washing day was observed in our school on October 15,2016, with a view to raise awareness about the importance of hand-washing with soap to prevent infection,illness and disease. Madhupriya of IX ‘A’ demonstrated the proper method of washing hands with soap. Our Principal, Ms. Uma Ravi, in her message, reiterated the importance of cleanliness and the need to wash hands properly for personal hygiene.The students also took a pledge to wash hands properly and lead a healthy and hygienic life.


The World Animal Day was observed diligently and with deep concern for the animal rights and welfare. A special assembly was organized on this occasion. Shweta, a student of Class XI ‘D’ gave a speech on protection of animals. Our Principal Mrs. Uma Ravi, in her speech, highlighted the importance to create awareness on endangered species and the need to take measures to protect such species from extinction.


Parents-Teachers Meeting was held in our school, on September 30, 2016.Our Hony. Secretary Shri Raju and our Hony.Joint Secretary Shri Murugan presided over the function. While highlighting the steps taken for the developments in the school, our Hony. Secretary added that the noble views expressed by the parents would be discussed and considered for consolidated actions.Our Hony. Secretary emphasised the need for teachers and parents to strive together for the improvement of students.


The birth anniversary of Periyar, prominently known as Thanthai Periyar or EVR,- an Indian social activist and freedom fighter – who started the ‘Self-Respect Movement’ and Dravida Kazhagam, was observed on September 17,2016 in our school.A special assembly was organized. Swetha of X ‘B’’ gave a speech in tamil and Kripa of VIII B told slogans.


The International Literacy Day was celebrated on 8th September 2016 with gaiety and fervor.Gandhimathi of class VII ‘C’ gave a speech on the importance of Literacy.Students displayed posters,uttered slogans and took oath to eradicate illiteracy and establish literacy.


The Teacher’s Day celebration was held in our school with joy and enthusiasm. The out-going students(XII STD students) came in disguise of high dignitaries and famous personalities such as Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi,Smt.Smriti Rani ,Amitabh Bachhan and so on. They also took the role of student –teachers for that day.


A fifteen day cleanliness drive was observed during September 1, 2016 to September 15, 2016. Following oath taking by students and teachers the cleaning programme took place in our school. Anecdotes and moral stories on cleanliness were narrated by both students and teachers.


The Tamil students of classes IX to XII were taken for a film “Veerapandi Kattabomman” at Siri Fort auditorium on 17 August 2016 from our school. About 200 students along with 3 staff members watched the Tamil-language biographical film directed by B. R. Panthulu. In addition to winning the National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Tamil under the "Certificate of Merit" section, it was also the first Tamil film to receive international awards for Best Film, Best Actor, and Best Music Director at the 1960 Afro-Asian Film Festival in Cairo. A digitally restored version of the film was released on 21 August 2015.


The Independence Day was celebrated in our school with great pomp and show on 12th August 2016 (as 13 and 14th were holidays) Mr Raju Dhingan, MLA Trilokpuri Constituency Delhi, was the chief guest of the day. The tricolour was hoisted at 10am by him with Mr Murugan, Our Joint Secretary and Mrs Uma Ravi, our principal in charge amidst the energetic and vibrant children waving flags and the melodious flag song Thaiyin Mani Kodi Pareer. A brief show was staged which included Fancy dress and Old Mac Donald’s farm song by the primary and speeches in all the three languages, vandematram group song by the senior students.


The annual exhibition was held on 6th August 2016 in all the branches of DTEA in a grand manner. All the students sprang into action with zeal to display their talents .Mr V Ranganath ,PF commissioner and our alumni inaugurated the exhibition in our school at 10am.He went through each and every model and expressed his nostalgia on returning to the school after a long time. He also verbalised his amazement at the effort of the students and teachers in putting up such a big show. Mr Subramanian, another alumni and a member of the academic committee judged the exhibition. He was also in full appreciation and it was very hard for him to make a judgement for the positions .More such opportunities will provide a good platform for the children to showcase their latent talents. The participation was more than 90%.Thanks to the DTEA management, Mr R Raju in particular because the fest was his brainchild .


The Delhi Traffic Police organised a seminar on road safety for our children on 21st July 2016 in the school premises. It was a very useful one and the students participated very enthusiastically. It was about the behaviour of a good and responsible citizen on the road to ensure safety. The program also included familiarising students with traffic symbols and discipline.


An exhibition was organised on 21st July 2016 in the school in a big scale showing the different aspects of population and its effects on the economy, society in general and the nation. The exhibition that marked the population week celebration was inaugurated by Mrs Indubala Retd principal of DTEA .Madam Indubala interacted with every student and appreciated their efforts Mr R Raju, Secretary DTEA went through all the exhibits and encouraged the participants. Our school Alumni from 1965 and 1959 batch were also present to encourage the children.


A grand function was organised to mark the inauguration of the primary pilot project on 21st of July 2016 by Mrs Indubala .It is a great step ahead to introduce innovative teaching learning for the tiny tots. This project has been completely supported by the alumni (1965 and 1959 batches) They have arranged to renovate the activity room in order to have a conducive atmosphere to learn with enthusiasm and interest. The representative members from the batches were present for the function .Mr R Raju, DTEA Secretary was also present to support and encourage the project.


Students from Korea had come to visit our school in July 2016 and share some activities .They drew paintings on the walls and encouraged our students to display their art too. It was a three day program which was concluded with a cultural program and prize distribution to our students who participated in the events conducted by them. Our students were excited to learn new things from them.


A grand event was organised in our school to celebrate the birth anniversary of Kamaraj ,the kingmaker in politics, on 15th July 2016 .He is remembered for bringing school education to millions of rural people in Tamil Nadu by introducing free education and the free midday meal scheme.A wonderful program was put up by the secondary and senior secondary students in Tamil .A drama showcasing his great achievements was also presented.


On 11th July 2016 World population day was celebrated in our school. Number of programmes was organised. A special assembly with speeches and skits depicting the need for awareness about the rising population and its effects was presented.


The DTEA management organised a two day’s workshop for the teachers, lab assistants, librarians and sports teachers of all its seven branches on 29th and 30th June 2016 in our school. The seminar was about the manner, methods, and approaches to teaching learning. It was an interactive session of restructuring the syllabus and planning class activities for each topic in every subject. This seminar gave an opportunity for teachers of all branches to share their experiences with their respective departments.


The birth anniversary of Bharatidasan, the famous Tamil Poet who mainly handled socio political issues was celebrated in a grand manner in our school on the 29th April 2016 in the morning assembly. Children recited his poems and shared his philosophical views .Middle school students put up a good show about his works. Our principal also said a few words about him to inspire students


The world book day or the international book day, an annual event was celebrated this year also on 23rd April 2016 with great enthusiasm. This is basically to promote reading and love for books.”Books help weave humanity and craft destiny “Children participated in the special assembly organized on this day .A speech on the importance of books in our lives was presented. Children made banners and brought out excellent quotations artistically on stage making it look grand and magnificient.Our principal, Mrs. Geeta Arunachalam gave an invaluable speech about books being a uniquely portable magic.


On 9th November 2015, Education Day was celebrated in the morning assembly .Later during the day several competitions were conducted .Children participated enthusiastically in the Essay writing competition,Rangoli Competition and poster making competition.


Two students of class XII ,Deepak .G and Chryso have bagged Ist prize on 5th November 2015 in the district Level Maths,Science Environment Exhibition conducted by the Directorate of Education .Their Model has been selected for the State Level. The students and their model have been well appreciated .


RashtriyaEktaDiwas was celebrated in our school on 31st October 2015 in a grand manner. National Integration special assembly which comprised of a patriotic song in Hindi by ReshmaDavid,Sindya David and Rohan Peter (Guitar),a patriotic dance by the tiny tots ,a speech in English by Sswati Rao of class Xi and Glimpses of India by XI class girls in the traditional attire representing each state was presented. Principal Mam gave a very brief but powerful speech and appreciated the efforts of the participants.


The auspicious occasion of beginning of formal education, the Vijayadasami was celebrated according to the Tamil customs and tradition .It has been followed in our school for the past 7 decades .It falls on the tenth day of the Navaratri festival or it is known as dussehra .This year it was celebrated on 22 October 2015 at 9.30am in the school premises. The school premises was decorated with traditional kolam and the priest offered prayers to Goddess Sarasvati .Our principal blessed the students who attended the function.


The Tamil Literary Club competitions for the month of October were held on 16th and 19th October 2015 in the library of our school.
The following competitions were conducted
1. ClassI Thirukkural Recitation
2. Class II &III Bharatiyar Poem Recitation
3. ClassIV and V PuduKavidai Recitation
4. Class VI to VIII Story Telling with a moral
5. Class IX to XII Debate
The enthusiasm and participation of students is on the rise with each ongoing month.


Three students namely Gayatri ,Dhanishwaran and Abhinaya of Class IX along with their teacher attended a one day conference on Environment and Science Communication for sustainable development on 16th October 2015 at Vishwa Yuvak Kendra .It was organized by the Indian Environment Socirty.Various experts from the field of Environment gave presentations to create awareness about the biodiversity and the need to conserve it.Students were involved in activities on ‘Study of cloud pattern “.


Our school paid tribute to late President Dr APJ Abdul Kalam on his 84th birth anniversary. On 15th October .2015.The morning assembly was dedicated to the great inspirational leader .A speech about his greatness, his poems and thoughts echoed the school quadrangle. One of our senior most teachers gave a speech in his memory.Kalam was a great human being who will be missed by everyone who knew him.15th October has also been declared as the international students’ day in the honour of this good soul who all his life worked guiding the youth.


Global handwashing day was observed in our school on 15 October 2015.This day is celebrated worldwide each year to motivate and mobilize people around the world to improve their handwashing habits The campaign was initiated to reduce childhood mortality rates related respiratory and diarrheal diseases by introducing simple behavioral changes, such as handwashing with soap. .A special assembly with the aim to spread awareness among students was presentedOur Principal and Vice Principal in their speech emphasized the importance of washing hands with soap to keep good hygiene. Posters were displayed giving the message of cleanliness and hygiene.


DTEALodi estate students bagged the second position in the Zonal Sports Sub Junior Boys Kho Kho Tournament held between 12th to 14th October 2015 at Delhi Kannada School ,Lodi Estate.Their performance was well appreciated among the other schools of the Zone 26.


Keeping in view and tradition of our school of preserving nature and its subsidies, World nature’s day and world Animal day was celebrated in a grand manner on 3rd October 2015 in the morning assembly. It was an elaborate function in which the primary students presented a dance drama on the preservation and protection of animals .Class XI students presented two street plays ,one depicting Chipko movement and the other on ban on use of poaching and killing of animals for leather, ivory etc. A beautiful song in English on a promise to protect the earth was sung by senior students .Our principal MrsGeetaArunachalm appreciated and applauded the efforts of the students and staff for the same .


In memory of the father of our nation on 1st October, our school celebrated Gandhi Jayanti. Other than the assembly that featured speech and patriotic song, competitions were organized .A quiz on Gandhi was conducted for classes IX to XII .A sketch making competition for Classes VI to VIII was also conducted on a brilliant display of which adorned the display board during the following week. Our principal during her speech emphasized on the Gandhian values of peace and non-violence. An enthusiastic participation from all the students was observed.


World Ozone Day is celebrated every year on 16th September since 1995. This Day marks the importance of Ozone layer and its role in the environment. The United Nations General Assembly has designated this day to protect and preserve the ozone layer. The slogan for this year “Ozone: All that is there between You and UV” is meant to show how human activity can impact the ozone layer and ultimately, the survival of the Earth and its environment as we know it.Our primary students put up a beautiful and very informative show how depletion of Ozone layer can harm the life on Earth. Students of the senior classes gave speeches and presented their views on how to save the planet.Our principal ,MrsGeethaArunachalam also highlighted the importance of preservation of Ozone layer and concluded the program.


Hindi Divas is an annual literary-day celebrated on 14 September in Hindi speaking regions of India and other countries with Hindi speaking populationIt serves to propagate the Hindi language and its cultural heritage and values.DTEA Lodi Estate also celebrated this red letter day to highlight the importance of Hindi language in India and in the rest of the world. On 14th September 1949, after independence, Hindi had been adopted as the national language of India by the constituent assembly. A brief assembly with speeches in Hindi highlighting its importance and recitations depicting its rich literature was organized.


Our school remembered the great Tamil poet, scholar and patriot MahakaviSubramaniaBharathi on the occasion of his death anniversary on 11 September 2015.SubramaniyaBharathi has a pivotal role in the Indian freedom struggle from Tamil Nadu. His creative writings and engaging poems aroused the South Indian masses. He has lived only 39 years of short life, but has left behind a big mark as a poet of Tamil nationalism and Indian sovereignty. In his memory his poems were recited and his commendable contribution as a pioneer in modern poetry, outstanding freedom fighter and a social visionary was remembered.


In continuation to the Literacy day celebration our school organized a programme on legal literacy on 9th September 2015 to make the children aware of their fundamental rights and duties.Legal expert and practicing Advocate ,Mr.Neeraj Gogia told our students about Cyber Crime and its consequences.He discussed about crime on Whatsapp and Facebook.An interaction session was also held where student’s problems and solutions were discussed.


Our school celebrated International Literacy day on 8th September 2015 with great zeal.Students displayed suitable posters and explained the importance of literacy through speeches in all the three languages.Ourprincipal ,MrsGeethaArunachalam also emphasized that each child should start teaching one illiterate and help the world to become a better place.


Teachers’ Day was celebrated on 4th September 2015 in a grand manner. A special assembly was organized by class XI students. The students of Class XII came dressed like teachers, boys in formal dress and girls in sarees.They enthusiastically role played their teachers and engaged their juniors according to the time table. Speeches in English, Hindi and Tamil reflecting the importance of Teachers’ day were presented. A poem on Guru Shishya was recited in Hindi.
Elaborate arrangements were made to view the live streaming of the interaction of the Hon’ble Prime Minister, Mr.Narendra Modi with school children on the eve of teachers’ day from 10am to 11.45 am .The programme was projected on big screens in three convenient locations for the primary, middle and senior section students.DTEA Secretary Mr.Raju was also present on the occasion .Students watched the programme with rapt attention.


Bhagwat Geeta Chanting of chapter 15 was organized in ChinmayaVidyalaya on 31st August 2015 and 5 students participated in the competition .Our students ofthe middle section were given participation certificates and appreciated for their performance. Ganesh Prasad of X class was awarded the second prize in the Vishnusahasranamam competition organized by VanamaliSatsang at Vasant Vihar.


National Sports Day in India is celebrated on the August 29.Our school also celebrated this day with great vigour. This day marks the birthday of Dhyan Chand, the ace hockey player who won numerous gold medals for India . It is celebrated by organizing friendly matches between different Indian hockey teams at the Dhyan Chand National stadium in New Delhi which was constructed in the respect and honor of Dhyan Chand. In our school Joint Secretary DTEA Lodi estate Mr.Murugan and one of our Alumni 2004 batch Mr.Sakthi were the guests of honour.A number of athletic events for girls were organized and a Kabbaddi match for boys was also conducted. Prizes were awarded to the winners by Mr.Murugan Students enjoyed the programme thoroughly.


A special assembly was organized on 26th August 2015 to commemorate the birth anniversary of ThiruV.Kalyanasundaranar a great Tamil scholar,activist,writer and philosopher who promoted tamil Literature .He is esteemed for the strong Humanism of his essays .A brief skit depicting his message was presented by senior students.


The self defence training for girls culminated with the certificate presentation ceremony in our school on 25th August 2015.The chief guest for the day was Mrs.MeenakshiLekhi ,M.P in the Lok Sabha from New Delhi Constituency ,a Supreme court lawyer and the national spokesperson of BJP.She has been the chairperson of the special task Force on Women Empowerment.She was given a warm welcome with a guard of honour.Mr.Raju, Secretary DTEA and Mr.Murugan,Joint Secretary Lodi Estate were also present to encourage the participants.A brief program was organized in which the trained girls demonstrated the useful techniques of self defence they had learnt.MadamLekhi gave an inspiring speech after giving away the certificates to the participants and encouraged them to be fearless and empowered.


Our school primary block pillars looks very beautiful and informative adorned with BALA (Building As a Learning Aid) Paintings. Our children enjoy looking at the wonders of the world namely Taj Mahal,Eiffel Tower,The great Wall of China others. On the other side of the pillars Surya namaskar has be depicted stepwise for better understanding the students and other onlookers .This project has been possible only due to the support of our invaluable alumni. Our sincere thanks to them.



Tamil literary club activities are organized with great enthusiasm every month.This month it was conducted on 21st August 2015.Mono acting with the theme Moral for VI to VIII, One Act Play With the theme Social Awareness for IX to XII ,Fancy Dress for III to V and Recitation For I and II were conducted.Students performed very well and the prizes in all the groups have been announced.


The Zonal English Debate Competition for Zone 26 was hosted in our school on the 19th(for girls) and 20th August 2015 (for Boys ) . 15 schools participated and the presentation of each child was appreciable.The judges had a tough time deciding the winners .The debate topic for the seniors( IX to XII) was “Controlling Road rage merely the duty of the traffic poilice” and for the Juniors (VI to VIII) the topic was, “Is Television giving rise to a tradition of consumerism?”


On the eve of the 69thIndependence Day a special programme was organized. Independence day was celebrated in a grand manner. Our chief guest for the day ,Mrs.JayanthiSriram ,Under Secretary DOPT,unfurled the tricolor amidst the echoing voices of the students singing the flag song.It was a proud moment for us to have our own Alumni to hoist the flag and chair the function.Awell-organized program with speeches in all the three languages ,patriotic song by the seniors,acolourful fancy dress by the primary and middle section was presented. The chief guest was overwhelmed by the talent and discipline of our students. In her inspiring speech she appreciated their enthusiasm and vigour.This was followed by prize distribution for the winners in various competitions.


D.T.E.A Lodhi Estate girls (VI- XI) underwent a ten day self defence training, in collaboration with the Delhi Police. The local co-ordinators assigned for this purpose are Ms. DaminiChandela and Mrs. Rachna, R. Kalra. It is an initiative taken by MeenakshiLekhi, M.P, LokSabha to make girls more secure and empowered in the capital. In this course, the students were enlightened with the benefits of being physically independent and strong with the requisite skills to take care of oneself and encourage them to participate in the self-defence. Mr. R.Raju, secretary, DTEA believes that it is very important for girls to be equipped with such skills for their security. The principal Mrs. GeetaArunachalam has encouraged every girl student to participate and feel empowered.


It was a very pleasant surprise for our primary students on the eve of Independence day(14 August 2015) when our alumni (1981 Batch) distributed an assorted packet of chocolates to each and every child .We appreciate their thoughtfulness.


To commemorate the birth centenary celebrations of Swami Chinmayananda a Geeta Chanting competition,by the Chinmaya mission will be organized in the month of September 2015 at the national level, the aim of which is to encourage students to learn ,chant and live the essence of the Bhagwad Geeta.Chapter 15,Purushottama Yoga has been selected for chanting as the Pujya Guru used to believe that everyone should chant this chapter at least twice a day. Students of our school are being trained for the same by a volunteer from Chinmaya Mission and being guided by teacher incharges of the program.


An informal farewell get together was arranged for Miss Hema .K on 31st July 2015 in honour of her 37 years of dedicated and meritorious service to DTEA schools. DTEA president Mr.Suriyanarayanan, Secretary Mr.R.Raju, Treasurer Mr. Mani and Joint Secretary Lodi Estate Mr.Murugan graced the occasion to wish her luck for a healthy retired life. Our principal Mrs Geeta Arunachalam and Vice Principal Mrs Uma Ravi on behalf of the staff too wished her good health and peace. DTEA will definitely miss her for her efficiency, sincerity, knowledge, guidance and excellent administration.

(OCT 15TH 1931 –JULY 27TH 2015)

Our school paid tribute to the most loved and respected leader, the people’s president, the missile man Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam .A special assembly was held in the morning on 30th July 2015which included condolence messages and observation of silence as a mark of respect to the great human being. A brief condolence meet was also held to pray for the departed soul. Our nation will miss the simple and humble man who will remain an inspiration forever.


Also known as the Global Tiger day was celebrated in our school on 29 July 2015 toraise awareness among students for tiger conservation. A Class XI student in full costume enacted like a tiger with a roar of the tiger in the background. The stage came alive and the children enjoyed the presentation. Students also took an oath not to destroy the habitat and to contribute their mite to conserve tigers and other animals thus preventing extinction of species.


Midday meal program has been going on for a couple of years now . It is a great step by the government for the benefit of children between 5 to 14 years The Midday Meal Scheme is a school meal program of the government of India designed to improve the nutritional status of school-age children nationwide.
Our school students are privileged to be a part of this program. We are also very grateful to our alumni for providing the primary students with mats so that they have their lunch comfortably.


Volunteers from chinmaya Mission had visited our school to invite students for Geeta Chanting competition .They briefed the teacher in charges about the details .The proposal reminded us of Lodi Estates’ traditions and the glorious achievements in Geeta competitions in the past. Hope students come out in flying colors in the future too.


A mock drill was organized in the school to make students aware of the precautionary measures at the time of disasters like earthquake. A siren was blown and within no time they were trained to evacuate the building without any mishaps like stampede and overcrowding etc. It is a very useful training for the students at the time of any disaster.


Learning is a joyful experience in our school. We believe in learning by doing and emphasize on doing activities. The senior students enjoy doing their practical whether it is Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Home Science. The junior students have been allotted activity periods in their time table. They are taken to their activity room which is a house of treasure.


The birth anniversary of Shr. Kamaraj, a great patriot of our country, was celebrated on 15th July 2015. Our Joint Secretary, Mr. Murgan with our principal and children paid floral tribute. A brief program was organized in the honor of Kamaraj. This was to inculcate values of patriotism and love for the country.


World Population Day was celebrated on 10th July 2015. A special assembly about the need for awareness about the increasing population was organized. A quiz competition was organized during the day on the above theme.


In a step ahead in our progressive journey, a cricket academy was inaugurated in our school on 15th May 2015 in the well maintained playground. It is a joint venture of the DTEA management led by Mr. R. Raju and the Air liners cricket academy to provide cricket coaching to children. An inaugural tournament was held to mark the day. It was a great event as the inauguration was done by our own alumni Mr. Subramaniam Prasad, Addl. Advocate General for Tamil Nadu and his wife, also an alumnus Dr. Akhila Prasad, Senior Radiologist, RML, Hospital. This academy will give an opportunity to students to hone their skills in sports.