Brief History of Our School

D.T.E.A school initially known as MEA school has a proud record of being the capital's important educational institution for 90 years. From one teacher one student position under the shades of a tree, the institution has grown into seven large branches distributed in prime localities of Delhi with a student population of almost ten thousand.

It was established on vijayadasami in 1923 in a municipal school building in Mandir marg by our pioneers for the tamil community in the capital.

DTEA Lodi Estate was the second branch that was established in 1951 in view of the increasing demand and necessity.The lodi Estate building has a unique honor of being inaugurated by Shri K Kamaraj the then Chief minister of Tamil nadu.

Since its inception the journey has been upstream and there has been no looking back.The school has progressed in leaps and bounds and is striving on the path of improvement with each passing year.

Over a span of half a century,it has matured into a prestigious institution with about 1500 students and a dedicated staff.The school can proudly claim for having trained several generations of south Indian students in addition to the students from non-Tamil community,who have grown into distinguished citizens in all walks of life:doctors,beaurocrats,scientists, musicians,artists and other professionals .We also have teachers in our team who are ex-students themselves, our principal being the senior most member.

Our school originally started with the intention to serve the interests of the then small Tamil speaking community in order to ensure that children keep in touch with not only their mother tongue but also their tradition and culture.Tamil continues to be taught as a compulsory subject till the middle and thereafter it is one of the optional subjects."Learning is the most valuable and imperishable wealth to a person" quoted Thiruvalluvar. Our school is proud for having bestowed this wealth to many.

The aim of education, is not only to achieve intellectual excellence but also a harmonious development of all aspects of human personality of every individual child. Therefore it is our endeavor to give full opportunity to our students to excel in all the fields such as sports, extra curricular and co-curricular activities, Provision of equal opportunity to all, according to their environments is the demand of the day. Our school Annual events include Teachers day, Children's day, Inter house and Inter-DTEA competitions. Our students participate in various competitions conducted by Delhi Administration & Directorate of Education, and other organizations namely Zonal Sports & Cultural Activities and Zonal Science fairs to name a few. This is to develop a spirit of participation and healthy competition.